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What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting comes to the rescue of small and medium sized businesses that want the performance of a dedicated server and the pricing of the shared server for their web hosting. Free VPS server precisely offers the same, at the prices, that are affordable as well as reasonable. You can call VPS as the next generation of web hosting platform. It’s a well established fact that if you own a business website, then a simple brochure site simply won’t do; a good business site is loaded with so many high end applications and scripts that it needs a dedicated server to provide uninterrupted service to the clients. Till now, small business houses were avoiding the need to have a fully functional website. The major reason being the cost involved in setting up of a dedicated server for the hosting process. However, with the introduction of free VPS hosting, everything is changed. Now, the small and the medium sized businesses can also look forward to get the database driven and applications rich websites and that as well without incurring the cost of a dedicated server. Let’s go one step deeper and see how VPS hosting achieves, what it promises and that also without any compromise.

How VPS hosting works?

The working conditions in which, a VPS or virtual private server works are somewhat similar to the shared hosting servers. That’s why, it is cost effective. In short, there are many virtual machines running on the same physical computer, much like a shared server. The real secret that differentiates, a VPS hosting, and the shared server hosting; is a little piece of software. The software allows the users to create their own virtual machines that depend on their needs. Although these virtual machines runs on the same computer but every virtual machine functions independently as if it is being run on a separate computer, much like a dedicated server hosting.

VPS hosting is available with all the major operating systems; namely Windows as well as Linux. These days, web hosting companies also start providing all the advanced features, such as C panels and other options, with the VPS hosting plans. It makes the whole configuring procedure really easy and you can set up your VPS hosting account with a single click. You can also play around with the security settings until you get the one that suits your needs and ask for free VPS servers to have a free VPS trial before you buy.

Advantages of VPS hosting

Advantages of free VPS host or Virtual Private Server hosting includes; hosting of unlimited websites on Apache virtual hosting platform, when you use VPS hosting you will have the root access that effectively means that you can install or configure any program of your choice, you will have all the freedom to host any type of service you want; namely FTP servers or mail servers etc. A virtual server can also act as a cloud storage device where you can store the backup data and other important files that you can access from any part of the world. If you are worried about the security and privacy concerns, you don’t need to worry anymore; because when you use free VPS server hosting you are actually setting-up a separate virtual machine that works in an isolated environment, shielded from the other users; so there are no security and privacy issues at all.